Arthur Murray Dance Studio Reviews

“Congratulations on a wonderful event – the Northstar Dance-O-Rama. It was my first and the dancing, venue, theme, staff & food – everything was perfect, pleasurable and memorable. I know you and your staff worked hard to create an event that was well organized and FUN!! I look forward to 2008.”


“I have been a student at the Arthur Murray studio in Minneapolis since late February 2007. The instruction I receive from the staff is very professional and tailored to my learning style. I am encouraged to go beyond my current level to learn increasingly more difficult figures and expand my repertoire.

The results produced by this studio are amazing. I am steadily progressing towards the end of my Bronze II program and looking forward to Bronze III, I will be participating in my first competition in December and I have lost more than 20 pounds. The most important result is that these fine people helped save my life (though they may not know it until reading this testimonial).
This summer I suffered a debilitating depression episode that ended in hospitalization. Throughout this period I rarely missed a dance lesson and I believe that the encouragement I received and sense of accomplishment that I felt while dancing was my lifeline. I did not feel totally hopeless, even during my darkest moments, because I dance was a part of my life. Dancing at Arthur Murray will continue to be a major contributor to my disease management program.
Thank you Minneapolis Arthur Murray, staff and students, for being a part of my life.”

L. Barker

“I wanted to learn how to dance but I didn’t know that making the decision to take Ballroom dance lessons at Arthur Murray would open up a whole new world for me. I am learning new dance steps, making new friends, and becoming familiar with a new vocabulary from the world of dance – Promenade Swivel, Basic Twinkle and Medio Corte, for example.

I was an absolute beginner and started with the basics: Swing, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Waltz, Fox Trot and Tango. Now my repertoire includes several more Latin and Country Western dances and I am working on learning the challenging West Coast Swing. Arthur Murray instructors are fantastic, inspiring and they have endless patience. Everyone on the staff is friendly and helpful. And the curriculum is organized by levels so students experience a sense of accomplishment advancing from one Bronze level to the next.

The studio offers many different ways for students to train and develop their skills. There are private lessons, group classes, practice parties, special events, master classes, holiday parties and dance competitions. By taking advantage of these opportunities, my dancing is steadily improving and I continue to gain confidence. It stretched my imagination to think I was ready for competitive dancing, but in 2007 I danced in the Newcomer category at the annual Northstar competition. Preparing for a competition is a great motivator for scheduling extra lessons and practice time. This past July, several of us from the Arthur Murray studio went to the Ciao Amore Dance-O-Rama in Venice, Italy. Seven countries were represented at this competition and our Minneapolis team of dancers and instructors made a strong showing. It was thrilling.

Ballroom dancing is enriching my life and improving my posture. Moving to the music is a good way to exercise and stay fit. Dancing is healthy and fun – give it a try.”

A. Miller

“Many people who dance at Arthur Murray have a story about the path that led them to the studio for their first lesson. I tell people that mine was a rescue mission, a mission to save my physical body and my inner spirit.

I had been dealing with
health issues and a diagnosis of neuritis in my left ear caused me to suffer from vertigo and balance issues. Each day was a struggle to go to work, grocery shopping or any other normal activity. For nearly two years, I lived with a fear that I would fall over and with that fear came a very sedentary lifestyle. I had to go through physical therapy to re-train my brain to know which end was up. Fortunately, the treatment was successful in restoring my balance to near original capacity, but the therapist said I needed to find some type of regular activity to get optimal results. By then, I had gained more than twenty-five pounds, I was stressed-out and I didn’t feel very passionate about life anymore. It felt like my body was on the decline; but I just kept thinking, I’m way too young to feel this way. I’m not ready to give up on life yet.

I had always loved to dance and for months I had casually checked out different dance studio websites, but kept putting it off. I thought I would need a partner and I didn’t have one at the time. A friend at work who was a former dance instructor would pop into my office to see if I had signed up yet. It took about three months before I finally picked up the phone and called the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Edina.

It was a phone call that changed my life! My friends and family tell me they’ve never seen me like this, so happy and confident. I feel like I have found my bliss and it helps me to deal with life’s daily challenges. Talk about setting back the clock! Ballroom dancing is the fountain of youth, health and vitality that I plan on enjoying for many years. The staff and students are phenomenal and they are always welcoming and accepting of your level of ability, body type, age, or whatever.

If you are reading this and are hesitating, just pick up the phone and call. You don’t need a partner to begin. You just need to take the first step toward achieving your best life.”

D. Husak

“I walked into Arthur Murray, Minneapolis, about a year and a half ago, tried out the introductory lesson and was hooked!
The instructors are highly trained professionals who are continually practicing their craft, building their skills, and learning new ways of sharing these with their students. The instructors and staff are talented, knowledgeable, kind, friendly, caring and patient. They truly have a love for dancing. They challenge you to do more, push you to be better, and support you in your journey. They are your personal cheerleaders.
The opportunities for development at Arthur Murray are endless. You can take private lessons and group classes with the professionals. There is private coaching, master classes, and dance camps with dance experts. And you can participate in studio sponsored events to practice and showoff your new skills! The classes are really fun and you’re always learning something: a new technique, a new pattern, or even a whole new dance. Your private lessons are challenging, but are never more than you can handle. And the events are really a great chance to show your personal growth – in a very supportive atmosphere!

I started at Arthur Murray to lose some weight. I stay at Arthur Murray because its so much fun! Yes, I’ve lost about 30 pounds, but I have gained far more: friends, grace, confidence, poise and I’m working on a new, lifelong hobby: dancing! ”

Gwen Gonsorowski

“I competed in your Northstar Dance-O-Rama and wanted to congratulate you on the organization of the event. It was all done with lots of taste. I’ve participated in a few competitions and this one was by far the nicest. Thanks again for a lovely weekend.”

D. Cloutier

“If you asked a number of persons to name one way to improve their life, you’d get a number of different answers. And eighteen months ago if you’d asked me that question, I probably wouldn’t have initially said “take dance lessons”. It just wouldn’t have been the first thing came to my mind. There I was, a 34 year old single guy who was relatively happy with his life but nonetheless feeling a little unsure of where I wanted my life to go. Kind of like Tom Hanks in the end of “Castaway” standing in the middle of the four way stop out in the country, thinking “now that I’ve made it here, where shall I go?”.

After some thought, the answer came to me: become an International Man of Mystery. But how to do that? Buy a tuxedo? Okay, that I could do. Engage in high stakes foreign affairs while simultaneously romancing women of intrigue in exotic ports of call? Well, I could buy the tuxedo. Be able to dance as the need arose? Okay, this would be a problem, considering I couldn’t even do the Electric Slide. But it seemed like a good starting place on the path to suave sophistication and increased confidence and competence in social settings. One call to the Arthur Murray Dance Studio and my adventure began.

After 14 months of attending classes at the Studio, I can say that this was one of the best decisions I ever made. The staff of professionals create an atmosphere of warmth, support, playfulness and a passion for life. Truly a positive environment to take a break from all your worries. They will tailor the lessons to meet your needs, whether you want to focus on one style of dance or eleven. They will applaud your every success, and delight in your progress. They offer many opportunities for you to practice and/or perform and showcase your new skills. They’ll be your biggest fans, and will help you surpass your own expectations.

I consider myself truly fortunate to have come to know both the staff and the students here. Life at its best is a collector of positive and rewarding experiences, and they definitely have provided me with many. So if you’re looking to introduce or add to a new dimension to your life, consider checking them out. In a single lesson you can experience exercise, camaraderie, enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment while among friends. And on top of that, they’ll even teach you how to dance. That’s what I call a good deal!”


“As a former figure skater, I have always been an active person. However, a figure skater’s career is very short-lived and so I was too old at 18 years of age to continue competing. I made the Gopher Hockey Cheerleading team at the U of MN and thoroughly enjoyed that experience.

I became very ill during my sophomore year. Upon being hospitalized after spiking 104 degree temperatures, I learned my exhaustion, that I had been feeling for some time was actually due to living with a hemoglobin of 4 (normal healthy people around 7-8)and should be in a coma. After several more flares, hospitalizations, and near kidney failure, I was diagnosed with Renal Lupus in July 2005. I am able to keep my condition in remission with chemotherapy infusions.

I was able to re-enroll at the University of St. Thomas and complete my Bachelor’s degree. A few months into my Master’s program, I was itching to get back into skating or some other form of exercise. However, my diagnosis severely hindered my endurance, so I was unable to continue skating. I have always loved watching the PBS ballroom dance specials and was itching to try ballroom, so I made the call of a lifetime to Arthur Murray dance studio in October 2007.

At first, I just sought out dance as form of exercise to replace skating. I didn’t realize how amazing the staff and students would be. I am very thankful for the great friendships I have made during my time here. In addition, my love for competing has re-emerged, and I have been able to compete in two NorthStar Dance-o-Ramas so far. My teachers have really helped me get to where I am today, always encouraging and offering great instruction.

Dancing has changed my life in so many ways. I have been able to bring in many of my family, friends, and colleagues so they can enjoy it for themselves. What started out as a side hobby has become an important part of my life.

Dancing is a great way to meet wonderful people, make lasting friendships, push my boundaries to improve my technical and artistic skills, and get great exercise all the while doing it. I can honestly say I’m a dancer for life.

Thanks for everything Arthur Murray!”
~Anna C.

“Dance has been a part of my life on and off (mostly off) since age 4. My minimal ballroom dance experience was many years ago, but I remember clearly the happiness I felt when dancing.
After thinking about it more seriously the last few years, and with the encouragement of my friends Lucy and Randy, who are students at Arthur Murray’s, I signed up. Originally my goal was simple: learn Salsa so I could dance socially. But my instructor, Alex, had other plans. With his guidance I realized I could do so much more. His enthusiasm when I get a step right is contagious, and the slight raise of his right eyebrow and half-smile are all I need to know I can do better.
I enjoy all the benefits of dancing, exercising, socialization, having a creative outlet and wearing fabulous shoes. But for me the main reason is the sheer joy, the high that I feel when the music starts and I walk out onto the dance floor. Those moments when I feel one with the music, the dance, and my partner are magical. Thank you, Arthur Murray, Alex and all the professional instructors for reawakening that happiness I felt years ago while dancing.”

Donna H.